VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Needs more review

eg. when the weather is bad, it’s annoying because i need to put a lot of clothes on.

my circulation is bad

from december 21st to january 8th


what do you think about the weather in shanghai?

I think
the weather
now I think
now shanghai
about the weather, i think…

what is your favourite coffee in jingan?

my favourite cafe in jingan is weak coffee
weak coffee is my favor…
in jingan my fav….
the coffee that is my favourite is weak coffee

the student who is from columbia is Elena
the toy that is on my table is a lion

why do you come to Smart English?
I come to SE twice a week to study english
because I study English, i come to SE
I study English so I come to SE

what phone do you have?
i have an iphone
an iphone
my phone is an iphone
the phone that I have is apple.

Why did you buy an iphone?
I like iphone so i bought it
iphone is very good so I bought it
I bought an iphone because i like it

i have an iphone, and i bought this one because i like it and i bought it in spain but i think next year i will buy a new iphone.

do you have any friends that are twins

yes last year i meet a twins in my first university, shanghai da xue, they are korean, i don’t know their names

do they look the same?
yes they look the same. their faces, and body are very similar but their hair and clothes are different. they are the same height.

yes they look very similar but one has some orange in her hair but the other is just brown. Their face and body are not different.

do you wish you were a twin?

i am not rich… but I wish I was rich.