VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


District 9

Today we focused on:


Can be used with or without an object
I talk
I talk with you
I talk about English

Needs an object always, so no need for prepositions
I hug you


before I went here came here

what we talked during the class – what we talked about during the class

Me and you talked about your job

I don’t know what (the drink) you want.

the client who is i need to work with daily the client is who i need to work with every day 

most of people most people 

a lot of people
most people
some people
few people
all people

most of the / my office’s / my company’s people

they can back to shanghai – they can come back to Shanghai

it will be bored it will be boring  
i will be bored 

i don’t have a strong feeling of i will get married… that I will get married 


sense of responsibility
eg. I have a strong sense of responsibility

they are with the high passion  they are very passionate 

rich – flavor / smell is very strong / lots of flavor

yes – yeah / yep / yup / that’s it / that’s right 

hard boiled egg
soft boiled egg
half boiled egg