VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


If you have time, send an email from work that we can review and discuss. Enjoy the meditation!

Today we focused on:

talked about work, pressure, how to deal with stress etc.


job – responsibilities / position
work – place / action / things you do

1 miligram- mg
eg. I have 1 miligram cigarettes these days

i feel a lot of drama stress / pressure
eg. I have too much stress in my job

i have a very busy workI have a busy job / I am very busy at work 

he’s a drama queen – overreacts to everything

obvious – ming xian de

meditation – ming xiang
eg. I meditate every day

retreat – a place you go to get away from life
eg. I went to a retreat for 10 days of meditation

ball and chain
eg. having a kid is like having a ball and chain around your legs

boarding school – a school you go to live at
eg. I want to send my kids to boarding school


i doesn’t smokeI don’t smoke 

i can’t stop to thinking the work i can’t stop thinking about work 

most of companies most companies / most of the companies in China