VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


use the words from today and some from last class in some writing – choose a topic that lets you use more of the words.

Today we focused on:

conversation about recent life – Fran forgot a lot of vocabulary from last class. Do hw!!


he finished his job – he finished his work (zuo wan)
he finished work = xia ban

productive – how much work you get done
efficient – how you use your time

surgery – shou shu
eg. my dog had surgery

we look alike = similar / like each other

act / pretend – jia zhuang
eg. I act confident even when I’m not

customer – relationship that a person has to a company / another person where money is exchanged for products / services

consume = to use sth
consumer =  someone who uses a product / buys a product

helmet – tou kui
eg. wearing helmets has become fashionable

most people from western countriesmost westerners 

stubborn – gu zhi
eg. i’m really stubborn

is it worth it? 


i don’t think it has relationship with negative things i don’t think it’s related to negative things 

if he doesn’t very nice to himit he isn’t very nice to him