VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


disorganised – your personality
eg. Sometimes i am very disorganised so I forget things when I leave home every day

messy = disorderly
eg. The room is really messy

ironing board

Put him up for adoption – to give your baby away to another family

A sense of urgency – to have the idea that you may need to do sth quickly, efficiently etc

When she was changing the blanket cover
Pillow cover


I asked her for her kids – I asked her about her kids



iron – eye yen / eyerrn

wrinkle – ing

dog / tog



love = luv
other = uther
talk = tork


Jill and Jodi are twins. They look the same. But they act differently. Jill likes sports. She is good at basketball and golf. She is also loud. She talks all day. Jodi likes reading. She can read 300 pages a day. She is also quiet. She does not like to talk. Jill and Jodi still love each other.

Brenda wants to have a picnic. She gets a basket. She puts sandwiches in the basket. The sandwiches are healthy. They are also tasty. She drives to the park. She lays out a blanket. She hears a sound. It is raining. She folds the blanket back. She puts the food in the basket.