VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

grammar + which + sentences


fillet of fish – fish steak
eg. I had a fillet of fish for lunch with vegetables

grilled fish / bbq fish

boneless – no bones

nutrition (n) / nutritional (adj) / nutrient (n)
eg. it has a lot of nutrients / I get a lot of nutrients from fish

obsessive compulsive disorder
obsessive – can’t stop thinking
compulsive – can’t stop doing
eg. he has obsessive compul


punctual < > tardy


prepare to launch

many ways to fix about you forget lock the doorthere are many ways to fix you/yourself/someone forgetting to lock the door

I hug you
I come here to hug you

I fix it
I come here to fix it
I come here to fix me forgetting to lock it

we will open time is in August 8th – the time (that / which) we will open is August 8th

worst case scenario – the worst possible situation

this mouse, which is white, is good
this mouse is good which I bought in Japan
this is my mouse which is good 

this company, which is in the virus situation, will have changes in August.
this company, which I work for, will have changes in August