VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


relax yourselfrelax

don’t like me to my other managershe is not like my other managers 

for our managers we just do sth… for us as managers, we just do sth 


turn on the air conditioner < > turn off

cable – “line” for your headphones

for a business trip
eg. I had a good business trip last week

business travel / traveling for business 
eg. business travel is common in my industry
eg2. I like traveling

travel – verb
eg. I travel every month

just like our company’s the CEO / the CEO of our company
as = the same
eg. I come here as your teacher and friend = I am those 2 things

autonomously / independently – “or ton nom moss lee”
eg. I want my team to be able to work autonomously

bottoms up

red wine / white wine = pu tao jiu

censor – to stop information
eg. they censor a lot of the internet

speak = say sth aloud


opinion – op pin yen 

restaurant – rest tront 

favourite – fay vret