VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

3.“Zoos do more harm than good.” Discuss.

4.“The purpose of art is to guide our life.” Do you agree with this statement?

5.Some people like to have a tight schedule, while others prefer to have a lot of free time. What about you?

Today we focused on:

these days, i did some research on Douyin and bytedance, we could talk about the biz model/ user experience/ future development and some negative aspects of the app.


pimple – dou dou

I had a pimple in my face – on my face

uninstall < > install 

geared – to be designed for / targeting sth
eg. the Smart English teaching method is geared towards adults

special effects
eg. tiktok has some face special effects

hologram – quan xi ying xiang

accurate / precise

algorithm – computer language sth


buzz word – “bah zz”

social media start / celebrity / online celebrity