VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Totally focus on self correction, chinglish sentences and grammar logic. Don’t just have conversation – write mistakes Zuley makes and stop the conversation to correct and discuss them.


energetic – to have lots of energy
eg. Zuley is a very energetic person

close – to have a good relationship
eg. we are very close

nephew – your brother/sister’s son – “nef fyou”
niece – your brother/sister’s daughter – “neess”

bilingual school – 2 languages

engaged / engagement – we will get married
eg. we were engaged

mortgage – the money you pay every month for the home you own

be passed on / genetic – things you get from your parents due to DNA
eg. being bald is often genetic

he cheated on his wife / he had a mistress – to have a girlfriend outside of marriage

like father like son
like mother like daughter 

rubbish dump – a place where rubbish is taken

ideally / the perfect situation is 
eg. ideally we would move back to wenzhou, but I’d rather not

i have guanxi – i have connections / contacts 

parking space / garage – che ku

in demand – when a lot of people want it at the same time
eg. houses in shanghai are in high demand


if you sleep not enough time If I don’t sleep long enough

their skin not bright, maybe they sleep late – if their skin is not bright, maybe they slept late

I can live here because myself – I can live here because of my own actions

i want they can go to a foreign school – I want them to be able to go to a foreign school

she work need to use English – she uses English at work / her work needs her to use English.

I’m hard to speak English it’s hard for me to speak English