VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


in front you in front of you 

I don’t know how old is her – I don’t know how old she is (she is 10 years old) 


download / get – to put an app on her phone

hire – to get new staff
eg. they weren’t hiring at that time

workaholic – addicted to working / can’t stop working

CV – resume – “rez you may”
eg. He gave his resume to the restaurant because he was looking for a job

a year before that – 1 year ago at that time

break up / broke up / broken up
eg. I had just broken up with someone

serious relationship / long term relationship
eg. I had just been in a serious relationship

i’m very exciting / excited 

2008 – 2 thousand and 8 
2014 – 20, 14 / 2 thousand and 14 

partner – bf / gf / husband / wife
eg. i was living with my partner for 8 years

columbian men generally = most

put you in a healthy range
eg. I took medicine to get my blood numbers in a healthy range

clot – when your blood is compact and slow moving so becomes all together

IVF – a way to get pregnant

surrogate – a woman that carries a baby for 9 months instead of the mother

fetus – the unborn baby

miscarriage – to lose a baby before it’s born

abortion – to choose not to keep a baby before it’s born

to have a baby / to give birth to a baby