VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


lipstick is the main thing that he is known for – he is most well known for lipstick

live-streamers – person
live-stream (n / v)
live-streaming (vn)

he’s a well known holder in the district of livestreamers – he’s a well known creator in the area / field / industry of livestreamers

great firewall – need a VPN to get through

justify – to use logic to see sth as reasonable / to explain sth

discern – to know / understand the difference between things

eg. you can’t talk about politics in China

restrictions will be put on it and they will be lifted eventually

sustainable – ke chi xu
eg. I don’t think that is a sustainable business model

feature – characteristic / quality / factor 
eg. that is a dominant characteristic of Apple

longevity / lifespan
eg. eating vegetables and getting exercise can increase our longevity

boom – the period of sudden growth

peak – the top of the growth period

consolidate – to focus and shrink sth (like a company)
eg. we needed to consolidate our resources to ensure the company stayed profitable

affect (v) – ying xiang
effect (n) – ying xiang
affection (n) – to show caring / love


many informations / knowledges / datas a lot of information / data / knowledge 

we all not sure – we are all not sure