VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.


he don’t trust he doesn’t trust anyone 

himself / by himself 
do sth yourself – no one helps you, you do it
do sth by yourself – no one is with you


paranoid / suspicious – doesn’t trust others, thinks people do bad things that maybe aren’t real
eg. he’s a paranoid person

see it with his own eyes – check it himself

over-confident – too confident
eg. he is over-confident

modest – qian xu de
eg. I am modest about my painting skill

case – shou ji ke

the general idea of this class is to teach you not to speak chinglish – normal / most important
I have a general idea
Generally I go to work at 10AM

I injured my hand / I hurt my hand

Recently I lost weight so most of my clothes are loose / generally my clothes are looser than before

marin… (ocean)
marine = army

marine biologist = a scientist that studies life from the sea

renminbi – yuan “you waarn” / “warn”

Dollar = US, Australia, Canada, HK, New Zealand….
Pound = UK
Renminbi = China
Yen = Japan
Euro = Europe

piggy bank – a little box you keep at home for money

juicy – lots of juice / water inside sth

autumn / fall – qiu tian
spring – chun tian

Pomelo / grapefruit

in season – to be the perfect time to grow it
eg. it is in season in winter