VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

think about predict and expect – difference? (talk about look forward to also)


If we were not longer able to meet other people face to face, what kind of changes do you think would happen in the way we live our lives? Focus on would / could – or think of your own topic. – talk about the future and our lives now.


some papers were lost some documents / files / pieces of paper 

plural – more than 1 (+s)
eg. dogs is the plural of dog

register (v) / registration (n)

we didn’t see it coming / predict
eg. we didn’t see the problem coming so we had lots of issues as a result / we didn’t predict it

courier / express delivery
eg. we couriered it to my client / we sent it by express delivery

if there are a lot of files, you need to record. = there aren’t so many files that you need to record. 

i don’t want to setup so complicated a system. 

I’m not that good a teacher / I’m not a teacher who is so good

effort – put effort in / make effort
eg. Please make some effort = please try
eg2. put some / a lot effort in = the amount you try

It is reckless / ill-advised to self-diagnose or get some therapies based on the web search results.

logistic / logistical – the method, process, coordination etc of any action
eg. having a wedding is a logistical nightmare
eg2. it is a supply chain manager’s job to work out the logistics of shipping etc…
logic – a way of thinking that connects events with reason


the something I received is not the something they sentwhat I received is not what they sent

there isn’t so many files need you to record it. – there aren’t so many files that / which need to be recorded

what – the thing