VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

reviewed email service and went through all mistakes in detail.


the way to office will cost much timegoing to work (commuting) will take a long (a lot of) time 

many / much / a lot
I have many friends / I have so many friends
I have much money / I have a lot of money / I have so much money

take / spend / cost
it costs money
I spend money
it takes time
I spend time

on the way 
eg. What are you doing? I’m on the way to work / I’m going to work
eg2. Where are you? I’m on the way to work, near the cafe

effectiveness = effective
efficiency = efficient

as possible as I can 
It’s possible that I will drink coffee = I could drink coffee
I try to avoid to check the dictionary as much as I can

as ___ as possible
as ___ as I can
as ___ you want
as ___ as they desire

this is the same as that

tiring / tired
boring / bored
annoying / annoyed
frustrating / frustrated
stressful / stressed

I am happy / I may be happy / Maybe I am happy
I won’t be happy (definitely not) I may be happy (uncertain) / I will be happy (definite)

I am at work = place
I am working = verb
this is my work = things you do
eg. I go to work, to work on my work

teaching is my job = responsibility
I got a new job = position
my boss gave me a job to do = specific project / task

you did a good job
you did good work

I can’t / I’m unable / I’m not able / I don’t have the ability

keep the peace = make sure everyone is not fighting / angry
stay peaceful / stay calm = be happy, relaxed

could = can + if or past
I can do it
I could do it (past)
I could buy a house if I was rich (future / now – if)

would = will + if (past)
I will do it
I would do it (past) – used to do
I would buy a house if I was rich (future / now – if)

2 verbs – to in the middle or an “ing” verb

gym / exercise / work out
eg. I’m at the gym. I’m exercising / working out at the gym.
eg2. I go to the gym 3 times a week = I exercise at a place called a gym 3 times a week

I go to the park