VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

talked about new house + hu kou stuff


write about your new house using the words from today.


the house we look it and we love itthe house which we looked at, we loved.

it’s not too expensive than other houses – it’s not more expensive than others (around the same price)
it’s not as expensive as other houses – it’s less than others

there are totally 11 floors – there are 11 floors in total


1000 square meters – ping fang
eg. the house is 140 square meters

dining room – the room you eat in
living room / lounge room – ke ting

9th floor / level 
eg. I live on the 9th floor

it’s not too new – it’s not particularly new

lift / elevator – dian ti (up and down, like an L)
escalator – dian ti (like stairs, “es”)

interior = inside / into / introvert
exterior = outside / exit / extrovert
eg. the interior of my house is really empty but new, but the exterior is a little old

apartment complex / compound / community 

closet – yi chu
cupboard – gui zi
drawers – chou zi

stove – zhao tai

unfurnished – no furniture

appliance – microwave, fridge, stove

government / gov – zheng fu

residence permit – the permission to live in a place from the government


There was something wrong with his leg. It burned. But it burned in one spot only. He didn’t know what was wrong. The spot was smaller than a dime. It was on the back of his leg. He picked up a hand mirror. He used the hand mirror to look at the back of his leg. He saw a small lump.