VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

payroll is the responsibility of ….. – start with active then passive once the subject is known / introduced

don’t use passive unless the subject is already known 


very amazing / incredible / fantastic

the reason of shanghai become the so big city – the reason that / why Shanghai became such a big city / so that’s the reason for shanghai becoming such a big city.

compared to / with the other cities, Shanghai is really…

we have few chance to go outside – we don’t have many chances to go out
i have little money – I don’t have much money

suddenly no one to buy cars – suddenly there is no one (who wants) to buy a car

get the feedback timelyquickly / in time 
eg. you should reply in a timely manner


until now 
eg. recently it has been really cold… until today.
so far / as of now / as yet / now 
eg. so far the problems still haven’t been fixed

overhaul – totally change a system / process
eg. I think we need to overhaul the whole system at work so everything is more efficient

it’s separately fairlyit’s split evenly 

I took 4 seasons being split evenly for granted = I thought it was normal so I didn’t really appreciate it

french concession

distinct – very different / unique

outlook – your attitude towards the future
outer appearance – what it looks like on the outside

tablet – the block of writing outside the building


automobile – mo beel
mobile – mo bai yel

now – naaaoooo