VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell:


technical specifications = specs

consequence effect on your life / the way it effects your life 

I was on board with – to agree

hold the product in your hands – interact with / engage with / use it
eg. they want to tell you how it will effect your life and how you will feel when you interact with the product

technically minded / computer savvy / computer literate – sb who is into IT stuff / technology
eg. some people aren’t very technically minded

can / could – would be able to / would have the ability to do 

chronic – lasting for a long time
eg. I have a chronic cough
chronology – based on time
chronicle – to measure the time / series

survival of the fittest – the idea that nature chooses who passes on each animals’ genes

mutation / mutate – change of DNA
mutant – you have DNA that has mutated

X-Men are mutants

row – left to right
column – up to down


similar like – this is similar to that / this is like that

after I finishingafter finishing / after I finish(ed) 

I have sawI have seen 

the body of people people’s bodies 


now – naaaoooo

publisher – pub lish sher

simplified – sim pli faiidd