VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

connection reading for smooth transitions.


human flesh – the meat of humans

gory – too much blood and killing
eg. I don’t like gory films

the fast and the furious (really crazy / passionately)

low budget / cheap – low quality / low cost

try to improve sth
practice (v / n)
eg. let’s do some English practice (n) / let’s practice speaking (v)
exercise (n)
eg. let’s do some English exercises (n)

addictive / addicting
eg. WOW is very addictive

refuse – normal
reject – stronger like kicking them out

immature < > mature
eg. his girlfriend is really immature

wang hong – social media celebrity 

niche – a small market that loves sth
eg. kpop is a niche market in Australia

cautious – very careful
eg. I was raised to be very cautious

sleepover – going to your friend’s house to sleep for the night
eg. I never had a sleepover when I was a kid


watched – wacht
exercised – ekser saiizzd

photographer – fo TOG raffer
photograph – FO to graf