VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Homework – try watching this so we can discuss

Today we focused on:

immediate correction exercise, focusing on grammar self correction + vocabulary upgrade


take time – require / time consuming
eg. it is very time consuming

suit / match / fit / look good together 

because – as / since / due to the fact that 

nowadays – these days 

so – which means that / therefore 

it has / there are 

about – regarding / on the subject of 

website / online / on the internet 

swipe – liu lan / shua
eg. I swiped the card / I swiped down on the phone

scroll – to go down or up on a website / app
eg. I scroll down the page

maybe – it’s possible that / there’s a chance that 

I think – I feel / I believe / in my opinion / from my point of view 

I guess / I suppose / I assume 

all the people – everyone  / everybody 

they should – it’s important that 


to have the ability to do 

if I don’t thinking a lot – if I don’t think a lot

i read – read (red)

most timesmost of the time 

how to say how do you say? 

prefer to buy / prefer buying 

so many clothes on the wall, i will feel confused.if there are so many clothes on the wall, I will feel confused 


clothes – clothes – put “thhh zzz” together… don’t say “thez”