VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


quarantine – ge li
eg. I was quarantined for 2 weeks

operate / run
eg. the government told them to stop operating

eg. the economy will suffer

corona virus / COVID-19 – the sickness from wuhan

self discipline – to have responsibility / control yourself
eg. my partner has no self discipline

meet a problem have a problem / experience some difficulties 

main person / key person – the most important person in a team

target – 目标;指标
eg. they gave me a target of 2 million RMB a year

2,000,000 – 2 million / 2 million  

100,000 – 100 thousand

industry – hang ye
eg. I work in the skin care industry

commission (sales staff) / finders fee (customers or other people who give you customers)

registered residence / permanent residency – hu kou

closed down – stop business forever
eg. the shop closed down = it went out of business

closed – stop working for today / maybe will open again

make a living – to get enough money to live
eg. I make a living by teaching

KOC – Key Opinion Consumer
KOL – Key Opinion Leader

sign up – bao ming / zhu ce
eg. I signed up for that job
eg2. I signed up for SE
eg3. I signed up for this event


there’s another thing about him make me not feel goodthere’s another thing which makes me feel bad about him 

at last year’s christmasduring Christmas last year

he’s a gayhe’s gay