VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


march – to walk with a purpose (either army or to protest)

preface – to give an introduction to help understand of the following

posterity – people living in the future / the future

the white american population enslaved them – to make them become your slave

memorial / commemorate 
eg. the temple commemorates the fallen soldiers

congress (senate) / house of representatives 

civilians / civil – related to people of society
eg. this is a civil meeting – treat others like they’re human
eg2. I’m a civilian

turned into – one thing changes itself to become different
eg. a caterpillar turns into a butterfly
become – maybe the same as turn into / maybe one thing becomes sth else
eg. I will become a doctor in the future (I was a teacher and then I was a doctor)

carve – to cut sth to create sth within it (maybe art)
eg. I carved my name into the table with a knife
eg2. I carved a piece of chicken from the chicken

you are very bold – you’re confident / daring / strong
I make the word bold – make it more black

the no translator onethe one without subtitles / the untranslated one 

overdubbed / dubbed – a tv show or movie with a voice actor
eg. I don’t like movies that are dubbed / overdubbed in Chinese

blazed – related to fire moving quickly / being really strong
eg. the virus blazed its way through WuHan

pave the way – create opportunity
eg. my education paved the way for my career

pave – to lay a road
eg. the government paved the roads so the old dirt roads turned into paved roads

road / street / avenue / way / lane – basically the same