VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Caught up on corona virus stuff, and discussed using a history / science etc book to study at home


Read the 3 articles and write down the words you don’t know – if you want to summarize the topic and main points in some writing, we can review next class.


my perspective of English is not just for…

it is not so popular as this yearnot as popular as this year / it’s not so popular
eg. Last year it had 10000000 fans. This year, it’s not so popular.
eg2. Last year it had 10000000 fans. This year it’s not as popular as then.

most of people – most of the people in China / most people


it spread to more widely / it spread wider

the government let most of companies to make employees to stay at home – the government made most companies to let employees (to) stay at home

they are private owner privately owned 

we should started in February – we should have started in February


syllable = a part of a word that is pronounced separately
eg. quarantine = 3 syllables, quar, ren, teen

sars broke out

block all people at homequarantine / block (prevent / stop) people from leaving their homes 

we can cut the spread / reduce the spread – make it less
we can stop the spread / halt – make it nothing

in countriesin the countryside / in the country 

get in / get out – action / casual
eg. get in the car / get out of the room
enter / leave – standard / formal way to say jin qu / chu qu
eg. I entered the country with a passport

contagious – to be able to give a sickness to someone else
eg. the corona virus is highly contagious / very contagious
eg2. headaches are not contagious at all

residential district – jie dao

refund your money – give all your money back
eg. they will give you a complete refund

if you can’t travel as you planned – as per your plan


no / now (naaaooooo)

nation – nayyyy shen
council – caaaoon sel
trail – traaaeeeeell
home / cone – oooouuu (move more)