VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Today we focused on:

open conversation + follow up to last class’ introduction

common questions after introduction: negotiate with us to lower interest rate (answer: main concerns – profit and cashflow) 

Next Class Focus

practice explaining the above answer and look at some other questions commonly asked by clients after the intro


they not welcomethey dislike mainland chinese people / they don’t welcome mainland chinese people 

long time no back home – it has been a long time since he went back home 

the bank don’t be willing to lend … – they bank is not willing to lend 

the same to our client they same as / different from / to our client / similar to our client 

they should have a good quality – they should be of good quality 

5% 1 year5% per year / a year / each year / annually / every year / yearly 

there are a lot of things interested – there are a lot of things which they are interested in

during our talking – during our talk / when we’re talking 

most of timemost of the time
some of the time 

what is time? = Einstein can answer
what is the time? = anyone can answer

rent it back to me


eg. if the email exceeds 200 words

a talk = speech / a serious conversation
talk / talking = the act of speaking with sb

epidemic – a sickness that spreads throughout humans

pay the money backmake repayments 

take awayrepossess – “ree pozz zess”

rent time rental period 

can I have a coffee? give me a coffee
may I have a coffee? / could you get me a coffee / would you be able to get me a coffee 

rent (mostly for houses) / leasing fees (anything)

collateral – assets used as fallback
eg. the house and car is held as collateral against the loan (as a fallback)


generally speaking – “jen reh lee” speaking 

rivals rai velz
competitors – com pet tet torz / com pehh di terz

requirement – reh kwai yur ment