VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.


2 days ago / the day before yesterday – qian tian
the day after tomorrow – hou tian

eg. I asked the repairmen to come

pressure – ya li
eg. the water pressure wasn’t high enough so we asked a repairman to come

ceiling < > floor
eg. my cousin put heated pipes in the ceiling but I have them in the floor

imported – jin kou

hungry – e le
angry – sheng qi
eg. I was very angry

changed my mind – changed what I thought
eg. at first, I didn’t like cats but after we got one, I changed my mind

this is the first cat I have ever had

step mother < > step father
eg. I feel like Judy is the step mother for my cat

quality – zhi liang
eg. It’s hard to find a good quality cat tree

radio – shou ying ji
radiate – heat / sound / other thing go out from 1 place
radiator – a heater that radiates heat

1 wan = 10 thousand – 加一个零, 变成thousand
10 wan = 100 thousand – 加一个零, 变成thousand
100 wan = 1 million – 新的 (million)

logic – luo ji

I will go out = leave home
I am outside = xiao qu, yang tai
I am out = already left home
I’m traveling = not in Shanghai
I left Shanghai / I left China = moved away from the city / country


the teachers here work for SE
Jesse is a teacher of SE
I’m a worker of this factory / I work for this factory

during = CNY
eg. I stay at home during CNY

in my homeat home
at = 
look at a map, I am there
inside / in = i’m inside the room
outside = I’m outside – yang tai, garden, xiao qu


IKEA – “eye kee ya”