VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Hey Jesse,

Long time no see. Next week I will have at least 2 interviews. So today I wanna ask you for a help to act as the interviewer.
The first company is the inhouse consulting dept. of a global bank base in Hongkong, the second is a consulting firm.
I suppose their behavioral question would focus on these aspects. Also it’s totally ok if you are free-style.

1. The reason for switching jobs

There are 3 main reasons , with 1 being the fact that I’ve been working now in consulting for the last 1-2 years and I’m ready to push myself to next level, on top of this my current job is focused mostly on government clients, which are policy heavy, however their critical or target and not particularly business focused, so I’m looking to join a team which is more focused on the business area with more business logic. Lastly, regarding my career, I’m keen on seeking a company that can offer me a position that will enable me to develop further in the consulting field by providing an environment of experienced and advanced consultants that could act as role models for my future development.

2. Why our company
3. Related projects experience( the Hainan financial project is the most possible)
4. What you will contribute to our company.

results driven and passionate / live my work / in a way, my work is my life – hardworking

fast learner, able to adapt to challenges quickly and smoothly
able to work with others effectively and communicate to build relationships and maintain them

I’m the kind of employee that you can feel safe with to depend on to pick up a project quickly, get it done at a high level, and provide open and constant communication the whole time. 

reliable, fast learner, passionate & positive, 

reliable – praised, can be trusted to work despite heavy workload, fast tracking, give regular updates because aware how important open and regular communication is to the business.

fast learner – last 2 years I’ve learned switching projects quickly is common, short overview, identify insights, fast consumer goods, tourism, TMT, tourism etc, excel in that environment, able to rise to the challenge and honestly as the pressure rises, my performance rises – primary school example.

passionate & positive – results driven and passionate about my work, I’m able to work with others effectively and communicate to build relationships and maintain them, I believe team work and harmonious employees are incredibly important.

Summary: these 3 key skills and attributes are what I believe are the reason for my fast tracking and the strong results my projects have brought to the company.

5. What other questions you wanna learn about( I asked questions with interviewer)

6. What’s something about yourself that isn’t in your resume?

What kind of person are you? / What kind of friend are you? 
My other student’s answer: – make sure it further proves the above 3 key skills. I’m a leader, my friends share their difficulties, ask me for advice, I’m what you could call a mother hen for my friends – I feel responsible for them, I care about them, and I want to be valued and offer something useful. When my friends need me, I’m always there for them, and they know it.