VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Pitch to senior leaders + finish life experience + My Brand Declaration

I feel that I am indeed an Influencer as it’s really important for my job in working with clients in building brand awareness and equity to influence how they feel about Levis and have confidence in us. Being in charge of PR rather than Brand team means I need to do something different like working with celebrities and industry leaders, creating touching stories to inspire people to engage with our brand. On top of this I’m in charge of social which is a fast changing, and it’s key for us to create hype to excite people to engage with us and eventually to purchase our products. I also feel that as a team leader it’s important for me to be able to think clearly, react to problems as they arise and be confident in front of my team so being an Advisor is important for my position. Last year the GC marketing director left the company as well as the senior brand manager, which meant that me and the brand assistant manage handled all of the marketing, and I felt that all of the other functions put a lot of trust in me and are not afraid come to me when they have any problems, and I realised I am at the point where my team can really trust me and I’m truly able to solve the problems that are in front of me.

Why are you an influence / advisor?
Why is it important for your job? 
What experiences proved this to you?

What kind of employee are you?
I’m the kind of employee that you can put in a stressful situation with intense pressure, lots of competition and I will come out on top every time. 
passionate, professional, loyal 
passionate – always challenge myself, from marketing exec. & senior exec. BTL, brand & PR, become assistant PR manager social platform, learn from others, push yourself.
professional & results driven – results from 3rd party research firms like Nielsen show strong results for PR & social, ensure strong relationships with media & influencers driving huge buzz.
loyal – I think my loyalty speaks for itself, with my 10 years at Levis so far, and no intention of moving on, I’m looking forward to continuing with the company and learning more especially about E-commerce and bringing my experience and talent to each role.

What kind of person are you? / What kind of friend are you? 
I’m a leader, my friends share their difficulties, ask me for advice, I’m what you could call a mother hen for my friends – I feel responsible for them, I care about them, and I want to be valued and offer something useful. When my friends need me, I’m always there for them, and they know it.

Critical life experiences: major at university, met a good boss, car trip from LA to Yos – adventure / risk

hype – “hipe”

broad – wide and lots 
eg. my experience is broad / my role at Levis is really broad

compulsory – sth you must do < > optional
eg. this event is compulsory

make a decision

major – university subject

exhibition design – creativity / artistic – others?
visual design – creativity / artistic