VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

conversation with a focus on vocabulary


genre – the type of film like romance, sci fi
eg. my favourite genre of movie is sci fi

dystopia < > utopia
eg. Blade runner is a dystopian science fiction film

tense – shi tai
eg. you need to focus on tense for every verb

economy (n) / economical (adj) / economics (n)
eg. riding a bike is a more economical way of travel than driving
eg2. the economy in china is slowing down these days
eg3. I studied economics at school

genuine – real
eg. I think Matthew is a genuine person – a real feeling, honest person
eg2. my hat is genuine leather

comparison (n)
compare (v)
eg. you want to make a comparison between 2 things / they will compare your videos to others in the same category

bot – robot


on douyin platform on douyin / on the douyin platform 

their wanted life – the life they wanted / their perfect life / ideal life