VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


mulled wine – gluvine – hot wine with spices

Christmas eve – 24th – drinks & christmas feeling
Christmas day – 25th – presents & lunch
Boxing day 26th – clean up & shop

flushed – face goes red
eg. I get flushed when I drink alcohol

build up my tolerance – drink more often so you can drink more each time
eg. I need to build up my tolerance because right now it’s too low

I take after my mother – my DNA / habits follow my mum
eg. I take after my mother in that I am also not a good drinker

the more he drinks the whiter he gets 

her hearing is really bad
eg. as she gets older her hearing gets worse

Chinese spirits – bai jiu

high alcoholic content / percentage / concentration 

keg – a wooden barrel of alcohol

neat – no ice, nothing else, just the alcohol
eg. can I get a whiskey, neat?

I’ll have a whiskey on ice / on the rocks 

hospitable / hospitality
eg. wow such great hospitality
eg2. they’re really hospitable people

in the north of China – inside China’s north area
North of China – outside China to the north
eg. Russia is north of China and Europe is west of China


koala – koe war la