VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


legally < > illegally
eg. it’s hard to legally hire foreigners in China
eg2. it’s legal to do it

work visa
spouse visa – husband or wife

licence – zhi zhao
eg. we need an education licence so we can hire teachers

forbidden palace 

the traffic is bad in Beijing – lots of cars, hard to drive around etc.

You’re not drinking coffee, you’re experiencing it.

This is not just coffee you’re drinking. It’s an experience.

Experience coffee, don’t just drink it.

Don’t simply drink coffee, experience it. 

Failure is like coffee, we experience it and embrace it

Coffee is an experience, not just a drink.

All extraordinary ideas deserve to be attempted / should be tried

The more special the idea, the more it deserves to be pursued

Take a risk, follow your dreams

To be extraordinary, takes risk

Dare to believe in your extraordinary ideas

Bitter & Sweet are both part of coffee & life


failure – “fay yel yur”
fail – “fay lll”


if i haven’t the hat – if I don’t have the hat

I haven’t traveled to Japan < > I have traveled to Japan