VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Today we focused on:

conversation – focused on self correction and new vocabulary about business


mainland China / Chinese – not HK / macau / taiwan
eg. I’m from the mainland and I sometimes visit HK

stand alone bar / independent bar – a bar that isn’t part of another business

star sign – xin zuo
eg. what star sign are you?

Aquarius – shui ping
Cancer – crab star sign

fulfilled / satisfied
eg. I think doing business is very fulfilling / I am fulfilled

process = procedure
eg. I love to create processes

in my childhood / when I was a child 

my boss managed me
my parents raised me

I have the same opinion / I agree 

snobbish (adj) / snob (n)
eg. he’s a bit snobbish

capital – initial investment money
eg. we needed to spend a lot of capital to start the business

relatives – qing qi
eg. we spend CNY with our relatives


profit – “pro fet”
eg. how many years did it take for your company to make profit?


it’s better to – it’s better than 

if I successful, that I can earn lots of moneyIf I am / become successful, then I can earn… 

many Chinese people like my experience / like me – many Chinese people have experiences like me / they are like me