VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:



whatever it takes – whatever the cost
eg. I will do whatever it takes to make sure my son has a happy life

better than nothing – OK but not really enough
eg. starbucks coffee is sometimes better than nothing but it’s not great

from = because of / as a result of
I learned English from living in Aus
I got wet from the rain

aid – (n / v)
eg. I aided you in learning / I gave you aid

evacuation / evacuate – to urgently leave a place because of some emergency
eg. everyone needs to evacuate immediately and seek shelter at an evacuation centre

feed the fire – to give wood / fuel to a fire

sth hit / the fires hit – suddenly come

severe – very strong / very bad / intense
eg. I have a severe headache / I have a severe lack of friends

by no means = no way / 100% not …

rake – sao zou
eg. I raked the leaves from the lawn

accompany – help sb to do sth / stay with sb so they’re not alone
eg. I need to accompany my mum when she travels

spend time with – just be with / play with / have fun
eg. my husband doesn’t have much time to spend with my son

witch – wu po
eg. my mum is a witch!

swear word – a bad word we say to express ourselves strongly


he is exactly the same with my son – same as 


debris – “de bree” – bits of things that have been destroyed from a fire / explosion

danger – dayn jer