VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


superannuation – from you and the employer
pension – from the government

spoil their kids
eg. many chinese parents spoil their kids

perspective – way of thinking about things

aircraft carrier – the biggest boat in the world that carries planes

very nearingnearby / near my company
eg. my office is in JingAn and the store is nearby

do everythingdo anything you want / do whatever you want

nothing = 0
anything = 0+
something = 1+

he’s somebody = he’s famous / important
that’s something = that’s important / amazing / big deal

patriot (n) / patriotic (adj) – sb who loves their country and supports it – “pay tree ot”
eg. some people are very patriotic

established – start a company / country
eg. the company established in 2012

GMO – genetically modified food