VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


perk – sb beneficial that you get from your job / position
eg. one of the perks was free coffee

villa – big house
village – small town

estate – zhu zhai qu

NDA – non-disclosure agreement

trustworthy – sb who you can trust
trusting – sb who trusts others easily

2 story house (2 levels) / 3 story villa (3 levels)




charades – a game where you have to act a word / phrase / name without speaking and others guess
eg. let’s play charades!

as per / as
as per + noun / phrase
as + sentence

We spent 2 days in KL but as per the plan we wanted to go to the palace but we didn’t have enough time.
As per your email, today we will discuss this word.
We will discuss this word today, as per our last class.
As we discussed in our email yesterday, we will discuss this word today.

according to – information comes from / sb said / we will follow
the teachers at SE teach according to the SE system (based on)
according to Sandy, her boss has a villa
people are different according to their different backgrounds (based on)

Today is Thursday which is the day before Friday.

trade off – having to accept negatives in order to do sth you want
eg. when you’re rich there are trade-offs… on the one hand you have lots of money and freedom but on the other hand you have to deal with people you don’t like


he back home later he was back home later 

we 3the 3 of us