VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


i mean – use this to correct yourself

department – bu men
apartment – gong yu – think – each home is “a part” of the building 

enamel – sth that protects your teeth but you can rub it off if you’re not careful

floss / water floss
eg. I floss every night with floss

wisdom teeth – the teeth at the far back of your mouth that come out when you’re an adult

cavity – hole in your tooth
eg. I have a cavity so I need to get a filling

anesthetic – ma yao / zui – “an nes thet tick”
eg. they gave me anesthetic before the operation / surgery

eg. I had braces when I was 12

plaster – the stuff you use to fix a wall

noisy = “like lots of noise” – adj

girly – like a girl – adj

browny black – like brown, but black


you can feel nothing you can’t feel anything 

to see a theater to see a play 

it’s totally for childchildren 


14 / 40
14 = for TEEN
40 = FOR tee