VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


i want to prove it
eg. Einstein needs to prove his theories
i want to prove to them
eg. I want to prove to you that I am a good teacher

promotion pathway

busy work – work that you need to do just to have something to do
eg. my boss sometimes gives me busy work

do a lot of efforts – put a lot of effort in / make a lot of effort 

narrow down
eg. I will try to narrow down the best job for me by trying lots of different ones

from the ground up / start from scratch – from the very beginning
Eg. I built a house from scratch

characteristics / particular details that make it unique 

class monitor – you

above average
eg. I was an above average student

civilised / civilized – educated / following social norms
eg. people from small villages are seen as uncivilised sometimes


our works are not necessaryour work is not necessary 

join in the company join the company

we started in the company from we are very young / from I was in middle school from when I was in middle school 


payer – “paiii yer”

pair – “air”