VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Did the first few pages of this. And started to make simple sentences with “want” and “have”


how are you? – ni zenme yang?

5 – very good / great
4 – pretty good / good
3 – good / not bad
2 – fine / just OK
1 – not great / not very good

Thanks / thank you

How about you? / What about you? 

I want to play drums

want – xiang yao
I want a can
I want some jam

put – fang
eg. I put a cup on the table
eg2. the man put the fan in the van

have – you / 有
eg. I have a car

I am 6 and a half = 6.5

I want a car < > I don’t want a car
I have a car < > I don’t have a car