VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Practice using the simple present (remember the snake). Write about things you like, don’t like, and your boss or friend’s hobbies etc.

remember: me, you, we, they include us and more than 1, so we are Special – don’t need an S. He, she, it, name are other people who aren’t as special as us, so we give them an “S”

Today we focused on:

had lots of open conversation and focused on grammar and some new vocabulary for the recent event. Did the “next class focus” from last class


i almost always use Chinese = most of the time (80% of the time) / I mostly use Chinese recently
almost everyone speaks Chinese in China / most people speak Chinese in China
It is almost 8:30 / half past 8
It is almost Christmas 

When we were having class and he drank some water
When we were having class, Judy opened the door to get something.

you must thinking you must think

we must think of a unique idea
eg. when I think about jeans and our customers I try to think of new ideas.

i’m in charge of the shooting list / my responsibility is shooting / I’m responsible for shooting

I want you to go there to have coffee to focus better to work harder to make your boss happy.


hometown / the place we are from / where i grew up / where i was born
eg. I think where i was born is totally different from China

foreign country – abroad / overseas / outside of China 

the west / English speaking countries 

soda – fizzy drink / soft drink 

express my mind – express what I think / express my thinking / express myself / say what I think

attract (v) / attractive (adj)
eg. we wanted to attract young people to go there

host – the person / company that manages and arranges an event
eg. Edison Chen hosted the exhibition

cactus – plant from the desert
eg. we made a cactus out of jeans / denim

ruined / broken – damaged so you can’t use it
ruined = everything (usually not hard things)
broken = hard things

exactly / actually
actually he did like it / he really did like it – make it stronger
actually he liked it – sounds like you’re correcting me
exactly = 100%


exhibition – ecks sib bishen