VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

read the “i wonder why” books and used vocabulary from them after reading.


Read: Why was Tyrannosaurus a big mouth / Was Tyrannosaurus king of the dinosaurs? and write the words you don’t know and put them into a story / sentences together.


browse – to casually look
eg. I browsed taobao for a new bag but I couldn’t find it
eg2. I browse facebook for some products for my hair

gentle < > fierce
eg. Now I think there are less gentlemen – they are extinct
eg2. Sometimes I am fierce when I’m argue with my son

big < > small
huge / gigantic / humongous < > tiny / mini / miniature
eg. My heart is huge
eg2. my son has a huge appetite

lizard – a small reptile

scale / scaly – the skin of a fish / reptile
eg. fish have scaly skin because they have scales all over them

brittle – very easy to break into small pieces
eg. thin glass can be very brittle

hiccup hipo v / n – “hick kup”
eg. I have the hiccups / I hiccuped

mind-boggling / mind blowing – so crazy and hard to understand / believe
eg. it’s mind boggling / it’s mind blowing


i don’t have nothing – I have nothing / I don’t have anything 

anything = 0 +
nothing = 0
something = 1 +


dinosaur – “die no sor”