VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Read from here and any words you don’t know, write them down and show us next class.

Today we focused on:

talked a lot today about recent stuff


fracture – a small break of your bone
eg. I fractured my foot

wait – just a moment / just a second

permission / authorization – allow you to do sth
eg. we didn’t get permission from Uniqlo

collaboration / cooperation (n)
collaborated / cooperated (v)


there have – there are 

after she gets pregnant / is pregnant

Needs more review

blood – xue

gap – a space between 2 things

as usual 
eg. Today in the morning I had a coffee as usual

usually – often
eg. I usually have a coffee in the morning

come to the wedding / attend the wedding

i invited 50 people

hoodie – a type of jumper / sweater with a head part