VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Finish the self introduction – keep it casual style.


even though the metro is crowded you won’t be late 
if the metro is busy you will still be OK / on time

traffic jam – only use for roads
eg. there is a big traffic jam on the road today

cockatoo / yellow crested cockatoo
eg. I have a pet cockatoo

arm – shou bi
eg. the cockatoo sits on my arm

claw – the nail / hand of a bird
sharp – fen li de
eg. the bird’s claw is very sharp

glove – shou tao
eg. I have to wear a glove when I hold my bird

when I’m home alone / when I’m at home by myself 

protected species – protected animal
eg. my bird is a protected species

politics – related to government

Self introduction 
name + age + from where
major – why
work experience – skills
interests / other skills
plan next 5 years

What was your major at university? I studied software engineering

where were you just before? / earlier on? 
eg. I was just at work

I worked in sales for a Japanese language school

I went to Spain for 2 years and opened a cafe and experienced immigration. From that experience, I started my company.

Company management and direction, people management