VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


spend time – normal situation
eg. I spend time with my parents on the weekend having coffee

accompany – make somebody not be alone / help sb go somewhere
eg. I accompanied my grandma to the bank

cuddle them

pat them / pet them
eg. I pat his head / I pet him

sit on my lap

eg. her routine is to come and cuddle me as soon as I come home

the reason i chose them is because…

raise – sounds like you’re a breeder
take care of / have
eg. I take care of a dog / I have a dog 

enemy – bad guy
eg. they treat himself like enemies

I can’t tell – I can’t know / judge
eg. How can you tell who’s Jesse? You can see our hair is different

vet – animal doctor
eg. I take my cats to the vet every 6 months

flea – tiao zao
eg. my cat has fleas

desex / snip / spay – to give an animal surgery so they can’t have babies

credential / qualification

it’s reality / the real world

the mindset / the way of thinking 

“there’s more to me than _____”

Needs more review

take part in = participate

abuse / exploit / take advantage of sth
eg. tencent took advantage of the traditional aspect of hong bao