VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

open conversation based on last class notes – did a lot of vocabulary suggestion


engine – fa dong ji
eg. I need to replace part of the engine

price – jia ge
get a good deal
eg. If i fix the car i can get a good deal on it when I sell it

eg. I want to learn how we originally learned
eg. normally I don’t want to highlight it

convertible = able to change (convert)

coupe – 2 door
sedan – 4 door

highway – gao su gong lu / gao jia

can appreciate the good view / the scenery

50 / 50 – half half
eg. we’ll go half half on the meal
eg2. we will separate everything 50 50

break up – bf / gf
separate – married but not living together
divorce – not married anymore
eg. we separated but we are not divorced yet

what she deserves
eg. the woman wants to get what she thinks she deserves

pre-nup – a marriage contract to decide who gets how much money + assets (possessions)
nuptial = marriage

I can’t be bothered = it’s annoying, I don’t want to do it

I don’t have the natural talent for singing

do an exam / test


came to shanghai


really – reeeely
rarely – raaaiiiirrr lee