VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

i want to prove it
i want to prove to them 

explain the difference 


spend out

pick up a hobby – start a new hobby

until – change at that time
eg. I have been tired until now, when I had a coffee

I went out and I live in …. – I moved out 

boarding school – you sleep at this school
eg. I went to boarding school for middle school

degree – university

score (1 test) / marks (overall) – results at any school

I like them – xi huan
I‘m like them – xiang

some of my personalities – some parts of my personality

I’m not a quitter – I don’t like to quit things / give up on things

it can allow me to grow / develop – learn and become more mature

entitled – people that expect themselves to get success / deserve success
eg. the current generation is really entitled


most Chinese children
most of the Chinese children in this city

they don’t familiar with – they aren’t familiar with

when I’m grew upas I grew up

my self lifemy own life 

accompany with a lot of resourcehave a lot of resources