VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Do phonic pronunciation


eat medicinetake medicine
eg. I took some medicine last night

I hope you get better soon / feel better / I really hope you make a fast (speedy) recovery

get better / recover
eg. I was sick last week but I got better

fall over / fell over 

CPR – doctor breathes into you and tries to restart your heart
eg. the doctor gave him CPR

die – v
eg. he died yesterday
dead – adj
eg. he is dead
death – n
eg. my husband is afraid of death

“I feel uncomfortable and I can’t continue”. Then he fell over and no one knew what to do. A few minutes later, the doctor came and helped him and did CPR on him and took him to the hospital but he died.

sick / sickness 
eg. he has a serious sickness / this sickness is really bad
eg2. he is really sick

i have a fever – fa shao
eg. he had really high fever / he was feverish

he had / took 2 pills / tablet

run some tests – doctors check and test your body 
eg. the doctor ran some tests and in the end said he didn’t need surgery

surgery – shou shu
eg. he didn’t need surgery so he was happy because he is scared of surgery

let / get / make
let = allow
get = ask
make = force

on the fence – in the middle, haven’t decided yes or no

event – huo dong – “event”
eg. my husband needs to go to an event

accent – kou yin
eg. he has an american accent

i can’t tell – I can’t find the difference
eg. Juni can’t tell who is Jesse

you look really lovely / nice tonight
that’s a lovely dress / coat / jacket
your hair looks great / did you do something different with your hair?

casual: looking good / looking smart
formal: that’s a really nice suit / what a great suit you’ve got on

ladies first / after you