VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


I see = I understand
I know = yi jing zhi dao

this is big < > this is not big
that is big < > that is not big

I am happy < > I am not happy / I’m not happy
He is happy < > He is not happy / He isn’t happy

How are you? / How’s it going? / How’re you doing?
5 – very good / great
4 – pretty good / good
3 – good / not bad
2 – fine / just OK
1 – not very good / not great
How about you? / What about you? 

I am great because I am in a good mood
I am great now / today because I am in a very / really good mood.

I am great today
I was great yesterday
I will be great tomorrow

very / really – hen

mood – xing qing

in – inside
at – point
to – from / to (cong / dao)

this is very big
this is really big

I like to make money because it puts me in a great mood

I would like = I want
Would you like some coffee or tea?
What would you like to drink / eat?

black coffee = americano

black tea = hong cha

customs – yi mi ju – “kus stmz”
eg. I will go through customs now

sprite – sp raiii t
coke – ke le
coke zero – wu tang
diet coke
sparkling water – qi pai shui

steak – niu pai – “stayk”

9 – well done
7 – medium well done
5 – medium
3 – medium rare
1 – rare

How would you like your steak? – medium
How would you like your coffee? – white with two / black / 2 milks and 2 sugars

what – shenme
What time is it? It is 5PM / 12PM
What do you want to eat? I want to eat a sandwich
What are you doing? I am studying
What can I get you? I would like a coffee / I’d like a latte
why – wei shenme
Why do you want a coke? Because I’m thirsty
Why do you want a sandwich? Because I’m hungry
Why are you here? Because I’m studying
who – shui
where – zai nali
how – zenme
when – shenme shihou
how long – duo jiu
how much – duo shao
how many – ji ge / duo shao
how are – zenme yang

how will you travel? – I will travel by car / I will drive / I will travel by public transport


latte – lar tay 

americano – a mer rick kar no