VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

do a speaking exercise and try to get louisa to self correct

Today we focused on:

focused on conversation with grammar correction & vocabulary – reviewed last class


recession / depression – when the economy slows down and shrinks (gets smaller)
eg. the country is going into a recession / we’re in a depression

take off – suddenly become successful
eg. we took off in the last 3 years but before that it was a bit slow

short term loan

low / high interest rate – the % the customer pays on top of the loan amount

we use 3 months – we spent 3 months / it took 3 months for us

the standards are high / strict – prerequisites 

mortgage – home loan
eg. I have a mortgage that I need to repay every month


so many places they avoid using them
they are banned in so many places

most of chinese parentsmost chinese parents / some chinese parents / all chinese parents 

can got the money – could get the money

if have some problem – if there is some problem