VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

conversation with Susan giving the example sentences for most words


allergic reaction
eg. you have a dust allergy / you are allergic to dust so you had an allergic reaction

antihistamine – medicine for allergies

milk tea – nai cha
bubble tea / pearl milk tea

hayfever – allergy to pollen during spring etc (hay = dry grass)
eg. I have hayfever

french concession (concession = compromise)
eg. 2 weeks ago i went to feng yang lu in xuhui district which was the french concession in the pass

myth – sth people think but is actually not true
eg. it’s a myth that vitamin C can cure a cold

loner – sb who enjoys being alone
eg. my brother is a loner
eg2. more and more people these days are loners

methodical (adj) – a way of doing sth that follows a strict method
eg. Joe teaches in a methodical way
eg2. he teaches methodically

“i’m in the dog house” – when your wife / gf is angry with you
eg. I’m in the dog house at the moment

give sb the cold shoulder / give sb the silent treatment – basically ignore sb, be really cold towards them, not engage with them
eg. former colleagues always give the cold shoulder to me


i think it’s not true – I don’t think it’s true / there aren’t many people outside / i don’t have much money 

change a new iPhone – change to a new iphone / get a new iphone / change phones 

even i finish the class – even if / when