VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

went through an email and discussed different ways to express professionally / clearly / warmly etc


break the habit
eg. I’m trying to break my caffeine habit

address – talk about / deal with / manage / the way you talk to sb
slot – a space of time / available period of time
eg.  Regarding the questions, I will prepare some he wants to address and let you know later.

How to use regarding / in regards to – on the subject of 
eg. we will start the class and talk about a topic in regards to your email
eg2. in regards to your question, you need to ….
eg3. in regards to the booking time, i will arrange it… regarding the problem, I will address it later.

The difference between I will do, and I would like to,I need to

I would like = I want
eg. If I ask you, would you give it to me?
I will do = In the future I do sth
I need to = strong I want / I must
I should = it’s a good idea if you do

Do it (now) 
Please do it 
I want you to 
I would like you to do it 
will you do it
can you do it
could you do it
would you do it
would you be able to do it 
would it be OK for you to … 
do you think it would be alright if you could 
would you mind doing… 

We are communicating with Ruth zhao and qiwei, but because of qiwei’s schedule, she cannot cooperate this time.We are still communicating with zhang xiaohui, who also pushed SS before and brought us a lot of sound volume.We will ask her to release the video of little red book, which will introduce the product more intuitively.

We are communicating / still in the process of communicating / we are still in talks with / we are still talking to / the talks with Ruth Zhao are ongoing (pending contract signing / pending approval from HQ) / we are currently in the (early / mid / late) stages of negotiation / the arrangements with Ruth zhao and qiwei,

but / however because of / due to / as a result of qiwei’s schedule,

she cannot / is not able to / is unable to / will not be able to

cooperate with us / participate / take part in this campaign at this time.

As a replacement for QiWei / In her place, we are reaching out to zhang xiaohui,

who also pushed SS before / previously / in the past

and brought us a lot of volume / and performed really well / got us a lot of exposure & awareness.

We will ask / we are planning to / we will be asking / our intention is to get / our plan is to have her

to release / publish / post / do / create a video / some video content on little red book / release a little red book video,

which I’m confident will introduce the product more intuitively than a written post as the KOL will be using the product in the video to demonstrate / highlight its benefits, usage etc.

release – launch / publish
release – allow access to

funding / increase in budget / funds