VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

finish the grammar corrections below: 

listen to music

the best choice of me –

i involved a meeting –

I was chosen /

I came back to home – I got home 


on the way here – always add a place / make sure the place is known

college / university / uni

for myself insidedeep down (in my heart) 

interview – mian shi

I give a class – you’re the teacher
I attend a class – you’re the student

associate professor / 2ic / 2nd in command – the 2nd level, just below the boss

sacrifice – give up
eg. in a marriage you need to sacrifice a lot

“that’s life”

I benefit in a lot of ways – things that helped you to improve

“when one door closes another one opens”

accomplishment – things that you’ve done that are good / got awards
eg. I have a lot of accomplishments in the last 2 years

I thought I’m not good – I thought I didn’t deserve it 


expert – errr 

when – eh / egg 

knowledge – college – soft ending
different – restaurant – soft ending

thesis – thee sus