VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Think about your answer to this question and practice it in your head, come up with some thinking words to replace “like”, “actually”…. 

Something You Bought but Don’t Often Use
Describe something you bought but don’t often use. You should say:
what it is
when and where you bought it *
what it is used for why you bought it
and explain why you don’t often use it.

Today we focused on:

Did some part 1 – quite relaxed and clear without too much thinking, lots of good synonym usage. Did some part 2 and 3 – was really good, very relaxed and good clear answers mostly. Speaking test on Monday! 


basically / essentially / honestly / actually 

photo editing

teacher’s pet


the photoshopphotoshop 

the primary school / primary school 


A Foreign Film You Enjoyed
Describe a foreign film that you enjoyed watching. * You should say:
what type of film it was
who the actors were
what the film was about *
and explain what you liked (and possibly disliked) about this film.

the different cultures of the people who came to Australia

in Shanghai…the school i went to

they are more good at – better

What are some English language films that have been (or are) popular in your country?

they don’t need to use too much brainthey don’t need to use their brain too much / they don’t need to use too much of their brain

What are the differences between Hollywood (American) films and films from your country?

they tend to / they generally / mostly / most of the time

they are much similarthey are much more similar / more similar 

An Interesting Animal
Describe a time when you saw an interesting animal. You should say:
what animal it was
where you saw it
what happened when you saw it
and explain why you thought it was interesting. *

in a place called “tian zi fang”

hairless cat

normal < > unusual / abnormal

they / them – always instead of he / she

pleasant – “pleh zant”

Do you think it’s important for school students to learn about animals in school?

due to the fact that (because) / due to (because of)

Do you think all wild animals should be protected? How do you think endangered animals could be / should be protected?

of course – definitely / certainly / 100% / for sure / absolutely 

to be aware about it aware of it 

our responsibility to not letting it happento not let it happen